Product Assurance

Our Product Assurance policy focuses around identifying the standards which add value to your enterprise. By ensuring compliance to yours and legislative standards we can guarantee a quality process to produce your products and deliver your services. It's in our nature to constantly review, audit, inspect, test and analyse products at every stage of the production cycle. Reporting both quantitative and qualitative information to various functions allows us to achieve consistently high levels of excellence.

Delivery Assurance

The way in which we deliver our products and services is what separates us from the competition. The delivery of your products and services is governed by the mutually agreed and promised turn-around and delivery timeframe. The turn-around time for products takes into consideration when all materials, both sent by you and purchased by us, will be received. Unless your job is covered by our “Same Day Sign Guarantee” then this calculation is done on a job by job basis and we guarantee to deliver our products and services within that promised turn-around-time. If we fail to deliver then we will bear the penalties as agreed to by contract.